FACS Program Update - Fall 2022

During the first semester of FACS classes at EHS, we have completed lots of different activities. Our Event Planning class planned, budgeted, and presented a portfolio for an event of their choosing and participated in building a balloon arch for homecoming decorations. Culinary Essentials has completed lots of cooking labs; most recently, we learned about holiday traditions around the world and groups enjoyed our holiday cookie exchange. Human Growth and Development students have learned about developmental theories and focused on individuals’ physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development from conception to age six; we also completed the RealCare baby simulation in which students were responsible for taking care of an infant simulator for a few days. The Intro to FACS course has discussed professionalism, college and career readiness, child development, and culinary arts. We are currently closing out the semester with a Food Truck Planning project in which students make a business plan for their own food truck. Career Connections students have heard from local and non-local professionals throughout the semester and gained exposure to various career paths. We have spent time planning their next steps after high school as well as looking at topics like personal finance, educational pathways, and life planning. It has been a great semester and we are looking forward to the spring; Family Studies will kick off with an examination of the family system. Our Event Planning students will transition to Culinary Essentials and gain skills they can use in their Restaurant and Event Management CTE Pathway. We will be launching the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge during the Business Essentials Course as well as spending time doing community outreach in Community Connections. Lots of great things happening in EHS FACS.