The Elkhart High School Curtain Callers will present Clue (High School Edition) on November 11th and 12th in the High School Auditorium at 7:30PM. The tickets are $3.00 for students and $6.00 for adults. Clue is a hilarious murder mystery. It begins in a remote mansion where six mysterious guests gather for an abnormal dinner party. While at the dinner party, murder and blackmail are on the menu. Congratulations cast: Sebastian M. – Wadsworth, Max G. – Colonel Mustard, Jaymie P. – Mrs. Peacock, Wesley O. – Professor Plum, Aubrey O. – Mrs. White, David C. – Mr. Green, Shaylynn H. – Miss Scarlet, Evyn L. – Yvette, Viola P. – Cook, Leo T. – Mr. Boddy, Mariana G. – Singing Telegram Girl and Auxiliary Scarlet, Kaia O. – Motorist, Holly H. – Chief of Police, Karah B. – Backup Cop, Camrie H. – Ensemble, Camila G. – Ensemble, Emma M. – Ensemble.