Summer ACT Prep Courses

The school year is coming to an end very soon! This summer some of our teachers will be doing ACT Prep Courses for whoever wants to attend them. We are looking at two different possibilities; either 4 days a week for four weeks at 2hrs a day or 3 days each week for four weeks for 3hrs a day. You can attend one week session or all. Coaches have been contacted to work around the dates with summer sports in June. 

Science ACT: May 24th-27th or May 25th-27th- Mrs. O’Connor

Math ACT: June 1st-4th or June 1st-3rd- Mrs. Perry

English ACT: June 7th-10th or June 7th-9th- Mrs. Frownfelter

Reading ACT: June 14th-17th or June 15th-17th- Mrs. Perry