Leadership picture

Elkhart High School started an Uncommon Leadership group last year. This group was starting to better our school with athletics and academics and to start preparing the middle schoolers coming up to the high school, but due to covid we had to put it on hold. Luckly this year we were able to start it again. Joe Coles, an educational consultant from Cimarron Kansas came and spoke to the school about many things. We were able to have a small group of students train with Joe for a couple hours about leadership.We have two people from each class grade to begin the group. Starting with the Freshman we have Isabel Gonzalez and Donavyn Rhodes, Sophomores- Evyn Lyle and Mariana Gonzalez, Juniors- Kamry Richardson and Parker Perry, Seniors- Daven Luera and Shannon Bowker. We have a meeting once a month and talk about upcoming events that are happening in the school and talk about what it takes to be a leader. As time goes on we hope to get more people involved in it.