1. Patrons will ensure that no other person uses their card.

  2. Should a card be used in violation of the rules contained in this document the card will be forfeited. Lost cards require an additional $5.00.

  3. Use of facility will not interfere with any student use. This includes no lifting during competition events in the gymnasium or during school hours (8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.).

  4. NO lifting will occur without a spotting partner.

  5. At no time will outside doors be blocked open.

  6. Patrons who are issued cards will ensure that no other persons remain in the facility unless accompanied by a person holding a card when they leave and that all doors are locked.

  7. Patrons will ensure that the facility is left in as good or better condition as they find it.

  8. NO children under 12, will be allowed in the weight room at any time.

  9. Students over 12 may only use the facilities with adult supervision.

  10. This card does not allow access to gyms or allow for their use.