Welcome to the Elkhart High School Site Council!


The purpose of a site council is to provide community members with news about the High School.

Band: Devry B.Key Club: Bethany H.FFA: Hannah E.
Choir: Anthony W.NHS: Whitlee L.STUCO:
FCCLA: Jazmin L.Senior Class: Noah B. & Mollie H.
Junior Class: Carrie R. & Shannon B. & Shaybree H.
Sophmore Class: Parker P. & Kamry R.Freshman Class: Kaden G. & Nakaela O. & Weston H.Senior Parents: Sharmilla Hall
Junior Parents: Mark Luera, Shelby Ralstin, & Stephanie SinclairSophmore Parents: Tammie Hollingsworth, Missy McKinleyFreshman Parents: Daisy Aranda, Alyson Childress, & Mica Nave
Community Member: Relinda ShookFaculty: Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Koonce, & Mrs. Houtz