Kansas Buffalo Association scholarship - Due Oct. 15, 2020  Student must be actively involved in raising bison or going into an agriculturally related field 
O'Brate Foundation scholarship - available for students 17-25 who are financially disadvantaged and have a 2.5 GPA.  Traditional scholarships available beginning January 2021, dual credit high school/college scholarships available beginning in August and January.

Horatio Alger Scholarship - 2.0 minimum GPA and financial barrier.  Due Oct. 25
KSDE-AEOP Scholarship - student must be going into an education or business related field.  Due January 14  https://5il.co/mjwt
Hagan Scholarship - minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75, due Dec. 1, 2020  https://haganscholarships.org/application/

Roger Smith (Class of 1959) Dual Credit Scholarship - due Nov. 13 at 3:30 https://5il.co/mrco

Pioneer Electric Scholarship - due Feb. 2, 2021  https://pioneerelectric.coop/community/scholarship/
Seaboard Foods Community Scholarship and Children of Employees Scholarship - due Jan. 31, 2021


The Gas Capital Scholarship Program Scholarship - due Feb. 15, 2021 minimum 3.3 GPA or higher gas_capital-1-1

Roger Smith Dual Credit Scholarship - semester 2.  Due Jan. 22 https://5il.co/ojjq

Epic Touch Rural Legacy Scholarship - due May 5, 2021 https://5il.co/ojk6

Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship - applicant must have participated in high school golf or a recognized junior golf program.  For information visit www.kansasgolffoundation.org   Due March 26