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Elkhart Elementary School Spring Music Program--AARGH!

Last Tuesday, April 8th, the Elkhart Elementary School had its annual Spring music program.  This year's theme could frighten even the scariest of dirty sea-dogs--PIRATES!  Mean, stinky, unforgiving pirates.  Yet, the underlying theme of the entire program is a young child WANTING, HOPING, even YEARNING to become one of the most most dastardly criminals to sail the seven-seas.  Our local children's . . . read more

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Elkhart Middle School Band and Choir Concert

Elkhart Middle School's band and choir concert is scheduled to be on Tuesday, April 22nd.  Performances will go in order of the 5th grade band, the 6th grade band, the 7th & 8th grade band, the 5th grade choir, the 6th grade choir, and the 7th & 8th grade choir.  The 5th grade band and 6th grade band are under the . . . read more

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Elkhart High School to hold Invitational JV Golf Tournament

The Elkhart High School golf team will be holding a JV golf tournament on April 22nd at the Point Rock Golf Club, located on Highway 56 in Elkhart, Kansas.  The tournament is scheduled to start at 3 o'clock p.m. with a coaches meeting starting at 2:30.   There will be nine holes played.  Other teams participating include . . . read more

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